Business Development - MBA Growth Apprentice

Business Development - MBA Growth Apprentice


MBA Growth Apprentice

You will work closely with the Growth and Operations team teams to draft, execute and test growth campaigns, develop supplier and operator pipelines and support the strategy for supplier and operator relationships management. You will also be the face of the brand to fellow MBAs – developing and executing promotional and brand campaigns, getting them excited about the platform, and onboarding them to the product.

What you'll do

  • Formalize the relationships: you will ensure we are building a network of the best operators and suppliers around the world and ensure we have the processes in place to maintain the best working partnerships
  • Work directly with founders who've scaled successful B2C and B2B businesses, including building one of the leading tours and activities platforms in Asia that was acquired by Rakuten (Amazon of Japan)
  • Experiment, experiment, experiment: As an MBA apprentice, your goal is to help reach product market fit. You'll design and execute experiments, and learn from the data. Then, you'll rinse and repeat for fast iterations
  • You'll have a dedicated budget to spread the word on MBA campuses to create brand awareness that recruits TourHeroes and travelers. With this, YOU have the creative freedom to pitch ideas that will make the brand shine
  • Get hands-on experience in a variety of fields: being part of an early-stage team means rolling your sleeves up and touching every part of the business. Although you'll be focusing on business development, you'll be pulled into projects on operations, growth and marketing, customer experience, and more because at this stage, everyone does everything

Experience You'll Gain

  • Learning how to define and achieve product market fit at an early-stage startup
  • Serve as an advisor to the Founders on growth, marketing, and product strategy
  • Work with the Growth and Operations teams to drive exceptional
  • Be part of the early-stage team as one of the key early growth hires that has the opportunity to convert into a full-time leadership team

Who you are

  • A driver: you go after leads and enjoy building relationships on the early side and seeing them through to formal partnerships
  • A networker: you love meeting new people and bringing others together because life is more fun with new friends
  • An entrepreneur: you thrive in being part of early-stage teams, defining product market fit from the ground up, and reinventing the wheel
  • Passionate about travel: you yearn to explore new places, taste local cuisines, and discover the unknown

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