Senior Product Manager


Location: New York City

The Position

The Senior Product Manager is an opportunity for a deeply passionate problem solver to spend their days understanding some of the most complex problems in travel – how do you match like-minded individuals to travel together at the same time; in the same place. This requires someone who is deeply analytical, who understands the network effect in social and someone who is passionate about solving complex problems.


What you'll do

  • As the first product manager, you will serve as an advisor to the Founders on the overall product strategy and user journey on the platform
  • Design, execute experiments, learn from experiments. Rinse and repeat for fast iterations
  • Set product vision, practices and goals, and oversee detail-driven execution for a community-driven product
  • Work closely with the Design team to drive exceptional user experience
  • Prioritization product initiatives and balancing impact
  • Work closely with engineering, marketing, content, and other teams to best-in-class customer experience

Who you are

You think about the big picture and dig into the details. You think about the overall product, the brand, and most importantly, the user. You effortlessly navigate between thinking about the why, the what, to the details behind how we build. You'll bring a first-principle approach to solving all aspects of problems that founders at startups struggle with and design mechanics to solve these using software and community

You move with speed. You move incredibly fast, making decisions and overcoming obstacles with speed. You are not afraid of jumping into the code base or writing copy to increase velocity on the team. You love experimenting and testing out ideas, are not married to a solution but in love with solving the problem.

You are collaborative. Collaboration is your best method. You don’t care or remember who came up with the best idea. Engineers, designers, and execs all love working with you because you make them all feel heard and you’re able to find a middle ground in dissenting opinions.

Learning makes you happy. You approach life with a beginner’s mind and with deep curiosity. You are constantly interested in improving your skills as a product builder and technologist, learning from your team, users, and community. Inside and outside of work, you ask for feedback continuously, listen intently, launch quickly, test hypotheses and are constantly iterating.

Small teams are your thing. You've most likely worked in early stage companies, built a MVP, helped scale teams, maybe even managed people. But, you thrive working on a small tight-nit team, where your impact is the greatest on both the users' lives and the team's success.

Travel is your passion. You have a bucket list that only gets longer. You love travel and you love to solve for problems to make travel even better.

Experience required

  • 5+ years experience in software product management
  • Passionate about joining a company on a 0 to 1 journey. Having experience in 0 to 1 journey previously will be a big plus.

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